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Vamp Up the Vaccines

COVID-19 has shaken our world and have given traders a wild ride throughout the pandemic, but now that the world is starting to find solace with governments putting confidence in the vaccines, these powerhouse pharmaceutical companies might be taking advantage of the situation. Continue reading to get the latest news.

The race for the vaccine of COVID-19 has ended in late 2020 when both Pfizer and Moderna released an emergency approved formula. The real question is now, how these companies are possibly capitalizing on the situation.

As more information is being discovered about the relatively unknown coronavirus, doctors and scientists are starting to suggest that the public might need a booster shot after completing the required two doses to be fully inoculated in order to extend the life of the immunity and antibodies in one’s system. In turn, companies like Pfizer and Moderna would benefit immensely from this as countries are starting to place additional orders for the medicines. It is still not clear if the regulatory authorities across the world will push for the 3rd dose as much as the general doses, as this information is coming to light.

Additionally, it is reported officially that Pfizer (PFE) raised the price of their vaccine by more than a quarter, and Moderna (MRNA) by more than a tenth in the latest orders and contracts signed between these pharmaceutical companies and the EU. As previous news shows that the EU did not order enough vaccines initially, it shows not only that there is a major need, but also that the EU is trying to balance the supply and demand while trying to predict the future of the unknown virus.

To give insight, the new price of the Pfizer jab is €19.50, against the previous €15.50. While the Moderna vaccine now weighs in at $25.50 (about €21.48) for newly signed contracts. 

It is also predicted that Pfizer, which brings in revenue for German pharm tech company BioNTech, expects to raise prices after the pandemic is over. All companies manufacturing an approved vaccine are carefully monitoring the economic landscape of each area of the world and adjusting prices accordingly. This means that lower and lower-middle income nations still have access to relief and prices will not inflate.

Overall, there is no doubt that between Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Pfizer (PFE), and Moderna (MRNA), these backbone pharmaceutical firms have raked in billions in the past months. The real question is how each of these vaccine producers choose to pivot in possible future contracts and pricing to continue to stay competitive and bring in even more revenue.



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