eXcentral FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my banking transaction secured?

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology with 128-bit encryption along with firewalls to ensure the highest possible protection for your banking transactions.

What payment methods are available for making a deposit?

When funding your eXcentral account you can choose from a variety of methods, as Credit/Debit Card Deposit (Visa/Mastercard),
e-Wallets (Skrill, Neteller) and wire transfers.

How can I deposit?

If you wish to deposit funds in your trading account, simply sign in, make sure you have completed the registration and verification process , click on the button ‘Deposit’ and choose the best deposit option for you.

Can I register without depositing funds?

Yes. You only need to make a deposit in order to start trading.

In which currency can I make a deposit?

You can make a deposit in one of the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, RUB, ZAR

What is the minimum deposit at eXcentral?

The minimum deposit is 250 (EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, RUB, ZAR).

Can you or a friend/family member trade for me?

As per regulations, only the client who makes the registration can trade.

Do I have to pay taxes on my profits?

Paying taxes is your personal responsibility under the legislation of your region.

Can I register under a nickname?

During the registration process, all clients must indicate their full name, as indicated in the official documents, that will then be used to confirm the real identity of the account holder.

Where are Excentral’s services available?

The accounts can be used around the world, but the availability of jurisdiction may also depend on your country of residence. eXcentral doesn’t offer its services within USA, Canada, Australia, Israel and certain EU member states. The Company reserves the right, at its discretion to decline registration from other regions, such as FATF high risk jurisdictions or countries that are subject to sanctions.

Do I need to have specific computer requirements to be able to trade with eXcentral?

The only specific computer requirements are regarding your browser, that needs to be: Explorer 8.0 and up, Google Chrome 4.0 and up or Firefox 3.6 and up. Your Java script needs to be enabled in order to trade on our site. Flash player needs to be installed so you are able to view our site elements.

Is my private information protected at eXcentral?

Yes. At eXcentral we use cutting edge technology to ensure your information is secure and private. Among other methods, we use 128bit SSL encryption.

Why can’t I trade?

There are several reasons why your trading activity isn’t working. It is best you contact our support team or your dedicated Account Manager for help with this issue.

What kind of leverage do you offer?

The maximum available leverage when trading with eXcentral is 1:400.

How do I know your Swap fees?

You can find all the available information on the Swap Fees page.

What types of trading accounts do you offer?

You can find all our available accounts In the Trading Accounts section.

How do I become a verified client?

eXcentral will request for the following verification documents, issued on the name of the account holder:

  1. Valid Proof of ID – Photo identification, including passport (both pages need to be seen), ID card (front and back sides) or driver’s license (front and back sides).
  2. Valid Proof of residence, issued within the last 6 months – Confirm that you are a resident of the country accepted by eXcentral, with the following documents: Bank or credit card statement (electronic PDF copies accepted), recent utility bill, (water, electricity or telephone bill, internet, council tax). We do not accept Mobile Phone Bills.
  3. Verify your payment method by sending a colour picture of both sides of your credit/debit card, clearly showing the first 6 and last 4 digits of the Credit/Debit Card Number visible. Make sure the CVV and backside are covered.
  4. E-wallet (Skrill, Neteller) – please send a screenshot of such e-wallet showing name, email, e-wallet ID made from your Computer.

How do I reset my password?

Click on the Login button, and then press Forgot password (or click here). After entering your email you will receive an email with further instructions.

Are my funds and personal details protected?

eXcentral follows a strict regulatory framework while all clients’ funds are held in split accounts at leading banks to ensure investment security.

Find detailed information about the protection of your funds here.

eXcentral guarantees that all necessary precautions are taken to keep your information safe. Learn more about our privacy policy here.

The personal info I registered with has changed. What do I do?

If any of your personal info (such as home address) has changed, you can update your private information on your personal account. Alternatively, you can contact us.

How can I check all my funding transactions?

You can see all your transactions in the transaction history, once you login to your trading account.

Can I still withdraw if I have open positions?

You can withdraw, as long as you have sufficient free margin in your account to cover the withdrawal amount and any extra fees that may occur.

How do I withdraw my profit?

You can withdraw your profits the same way you place any other withdrawal request. However, note that profits will be sent separately, and can only be processed in a bank account or e-wallet, while the amount originally deposited goes to the same account from which you deposited from.

What is the withdrawal processing time frame?

Clients with fully verified accounts and trading activity retain the right to avoid withdrawal fees. For the rest withdrawal requests, a fee will apply, (the Company reserves the right to charge a withdrawal fee at an amount equal to 10 EUR/USD/GBP) please see company fees here.

If your account has not been verified in accordance with the terms of the company you will be informed of the procedure you will need to follow to verify your account. In the absence of the required compliance with the verification conditions then we reserve the right to cancel the withdrawal request after 7 days.

If you have completed the necessary verification procedures, then your Account Manager will contact you to verify the withdrawal request. The money will be released no later than the 8th day following the request, unless something unusual is observed.

Once the funds leave your account, it will take them up to 10 business days (depending on your bank) to be funded back in the account from which you deposited. Due to strict principles, to ensure that funds are sent back to their original source, please fill in all your account details correctly and make sure that your account is approved.

What is the maximum withdrawal amount at eXcentral?

You can withdraw all the available capital from your account at the time of your request. The amount however, can’t include any funds currently used in opened transactions.

How can I place a withdrawal request at eXcentral?

Withdrawal requests can be placed by logging in and following the instructions in the withdrawal page in the client area.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount at eXcentral?

The minimum withdrawal amount from your eXcentral account is $50 USD for Credit Card and $100 for Wire Transfer. If you’re using e-wallets, you can withdraw any amount, as long as this amount covers the fees.

Is it possible to cancel a withdrawal?

Yes it is. You can cancel the withdrawal if the transfer hasn’t been processed yet. Your funds will then be returned to your trading account.

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