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Still new to the Forex and CFDs world and wondering what it’s all about? We got you covered. Stay tuned with our weekly free webinars, to discover more about the fascinating world of trading.

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  • 24 August The Magic of Moving Averages
  • 17 August How Can You Tell the Difference between a Retra...
  • 10 August Mastering the Strengths and Limitations of RSI ...
  • 3 August Adding Fibonacci to Your Trading Plan

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Every week comes with a new learning challenge. Check our webinars, and book your seat today, or you might regret it later.

calendar 24 August
18:00 +0 GMT

The Magic of Moving Averages

Have you experienced the magic of moving averages? It’s time to leverage your understanding and transform your trading skills in our exclusive online educational webinar! Invest the time in this short 1-hour session, hosted by our professional Market Analyst, to perfect the art of moving averages and exactly how to incorporate them in your trading. Be sure to reserve your virtual spot today!
calendar 17 August
18:00 +0 GMT

How Can You Tell the Difference between a Retracement and a Reversal?

Understanding the basics of retracements and reversals can help achieve a breakthrough in your trading skills. We invite you to join us in this week's free online webinar where we will review in-depth key points about retracements and reversals. Hosted by our talented Market Analyst, we will help develop your skills to perfect your trading strategy. Be sure to mark your calendars and reserve your free virtual seat today!
calendar 10 August
18:00 +0 GMT

Mastering the Strengths and Limitations of RSI – Relative Strength Index

Do you know the key metrics of exactly when to pull the trigger in trading decisions? Mastering the RSI can help you determine the speed and change of price movement in order to act quickly on opportunities in the market. Our expert Market Analyst will host this week's webinar all about the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and how determining this can level up your trading knowledge. You won’t want to miss this, be sure to save your spot today!
calendar 3 August
18:00 +0 GMT

Adding Fibonacci to Your Trading Plan

Now is the time to dive into our free webinar and broaden your knowledge by adding Fibonacci techniques to your trading strategy. Our talented Market Analyst will cultivate and build your skills to help develop a strong trading foundation. Be sure to save your free spot today!

No Upcoming Webinars

We are sorry, there are no webinars scheduled at the moment. Please return to our homepage or contact us at Please note that you can still view all past webinars here.

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Meet Michalis


Straight from the heart of London, in the aid of all eXcentral traders, comes one highly analytical, meticulous, and skilful financial observer. He is Michalis Efthymiou, and he’s eXcentral’s brand new Market Analyst! With his fresh perspective on the markets, and after having traded himself for almost a decade, Michalis is often a guest speaker in global Forex Expos, including several in London, South Africa and Dubai.

Before this trading market prodigy worked as a Financial Adviser in central London for well over 5 years, he advanced his trading knowledge by attending the London Institute of Banking and Finance. This is where Michalis got his Financial Adviser CeMAP certification. Following this, he didn’t stop there and went on with his studies, getting an advanced CySEC certification.

While maintaining his part-time lecturer job at a college where he teaches economics and trading, this ex-fund manager also managed to set up two forex trading educational centres (one in Nigeria and another one in South Africa). The two trading academies, he says, will always be his most uplifting achievements.

All these experiences have prepared Michalis for the most rewarding role of his career, so far, hosting trading webinars. With these educational series, he aims to always leave traders with the knowledge that can help them improve their personal trading experience, and at the same time push them to discover new sources of trading inspiration.

Scalping for Beginners
Non Farm Payroll Review
Analysing the Market
The ADX indicator and position management
Crossovers with Significant Pricings
Euro currency pairs with the EURX
Risk Management and Leverage
The Right Moment Strategy
Trading the Alligator Strategy
Waiting for the Pull Back
Using MT4 and Webtrader Tutorial
Market Review and Looking at the week ahead
Significant Trading Lines
Managing your Exposure
Understanding Overbought and Oversold
What are the Waves telling us ?
Using our Chart Analysis
Looking at the Earnings Season
Introducing Indicators to your Trading
Trading the Euro with the EURX
Reviewing Decembers NFP
Steps to Trading Gold
Swing Trading Strategies
What you need to know – Pfizer vs Moderna
Trend Formations
Money Management
Advanced Ways of Looking at the Market
A Simple Strategy to Trade Trends
Trading for Beginners
Improving Timing of Trades
Candlestick Analysis
Managing your Trades and your Account
Price Wave Theories
Trading Basics
Price Patterns and Breakouts
EUR/USD – Analysis of the most traded asset globally
Making Economics Easy
This NFP Friday
A New Short Term Strategy
Using Price Action Alongside your Indicators
Commodities and Stocks – Weekly Review
In the Mind of a Trader
Psychology of Certain Prices
Commodity Trading
Price Movement Techniques
The Market’s Wolf Waves
Identifying Reversal Patterns
The 1 Hour Trading Strategy
Trading the Stock Market while Controlling Risks
Forex Basics
Market Conditions
A New Strategy for Day Traders
How to use our MT4 trading platform
The Euro
Looking at Friday’s NFP
Regression Channels and Trailing Stop
Medium Term Technical Analysis for Intermediates
Money Management
April’s NFP and the week ahead
Handling losses through Technical and Fundamental Analysis
How to Identify Reversal Patterns like an Experienced Trader
Riding the Trend
Swing Trading Technical Analysis for intermediates
Using Economics as part of your Trading Strategy
Live Wave Analysis
Scalping Strategy and Technique
Improving Accuracy and Timing
Forex Basics
Extensive understanding of how to Trade Stocks
Helping traders control Risks when trading
Using Retracements in Trends for your transactions
Trading during the NFP Friday

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. GOT IT

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage Read more